Dual Kitchen Sink Proportioner, W/Elastic Gap 8088E
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Dual Kitchen Sink Proportioner, W/Elastic Gap 8088E

Vendor: JPRO Supplies
SKU: 8088E
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Dual Kitchen Sink Proportioner, Dish Detergent, and Liquid Sanitizer Dispenser, Chemical Dispensing System

 Automatically dispenses concentrated chemicals with the right dilution for Dishwashing and sanitizing. It is installed above the kitchen sink.
Elastic Gap Proportioner prevents back-flow in case city water is vacuumed. You may switch to e-Gap easily to accommodate city plumbing code.

Stainless Steel cover
Flow rate 4GPM, Mixing Rate: 1:10 to 1:512 adjusted by (21) metering tips, commonly used (5)pcs included

Suggested water pressure: 30 to 50 PSI

Standard Accessory:
Clear chemical pick-up tubing (1.5M),
Tubing stiffeners,
Drilled cap,
Check valves.
Metering tip pack,(6)pcs 2xPink,1xPurple, 1xYellow, 1xGreen, 1xRed
Water intake hose with hose clamps
Discharge hoses